Winning Life

  • Have the right Mindset

Success in life

What is Success?

Everyone wants success, but first of all we have to really understand what Success is. You see based on how you define success that will be how you make your move towards it. Success is the progressive fulfilment of your divine assignment. Yes. Until you are in your place of assignment in life, success remains unattainable. I always say success is progressive because in life we are always on the move and things keep on getting better. Success is not an object but a project that will be finished the day you die. Success is not a destination but a journey and that is why you must always be on the move. Success in life is God’s desire for you. If you notice the definition of success is centralized in God. If you are not doing what God wants you to do you are not succeeding. Let just clear out why I always say success is progressive. This is because if you tie success in life to the attainment of an object then after getting that object what next? I’ll tell you, depression,sadness,lukewarmness, and even ultimately death and mostly suicidal. Why? Most of the time people tie success to having a lot of money, finishing school, marriage, so on and so forth. But these things cannot give you fulfilment. No. They are only steps to take in the journey of life.

*Components of Success.*

Your success in life revolves round or better still is centralized on your assignment. So the first thing for success is:

1) Know your assignment

2) Prepare for your assignment

3) Pursue your assignment

We’ll continue the Success story another time. Stay blessed.


I can be better

Yes. It is possible to be better. Walt Disney said,”keep moving forward”,and I say,”better your best”. No matter who you are or where you are, you can be better. We live in a world where change is the theme of life. We keep on evolving everyday. You have to possess that drive to take your life further. You may be at a roadblock right now in your life and feel like this is it or it’s all over. You need to relax, rethink, re-strategize, reorganize and retry. There are moments when you just want to give up or give in, but don’t do it because it’s going to get better. Popular saying,”when the going gets tough,the tough gets going”. You need to be tougher than that situation you are currently going through and you can only be tougher as you get better. You might even be on the other end of the stick. You just had a major success in life and so you want to relax and take your foot of the pedal. Okay. But don’t rest for too long otherwise you’ll become lazy and live in the glory of yesterday when there’s a whole lot more to achieve today.  The Bishop of the Potter’s house, T.D. Jake’s said,”my worst enemy is my last success”. Amazing, isn’t it? I always say that I am not against satisfaction but I am against too much relaxation and complacency. Have the mindset of always being better. Be innovative and evolve in your thinking.

#YesYouCan be better. Better people make a better society.

Say to yourself, “I can be better”.


Time- our greatest resource

A wise man once said,”when purpose is not known,abuse is inevitable”. But before knowing the purpose of anything you must have an understanding of what that thing is. That thing for us today is Time.

What is Time? Time is the measuring quantity of life. Life is measured in time. According to the late Myles Munroe, time is an interruption in eternity. So if you do not know what time is you would think your life on Earth is all there is. Time is just a small part of eternity. Your time is your life. There are two words I like to explain in this concept of time. Quantity and Quality. The quantity of time talks of the amount of time available and the quality talks of the value to be gotten from time. When someone says,”quality time”, they’re talking of using their time for something valuable. Right here I’ll say this: time is a universal resource that is available to be utilized and if not used, it is wasted and cannot be recovered.

What is the purpose of time? Time was created to give order. That’s it. Time exists for order. You see because time structures our lives we can plan and have expectations. Time creates order. We know when to sleep and wake up. We know when to expect the baby from a pregnant lady. We know when to do different things because of time. If the purpose of time is order and structure,then anyone who understands this will live a ordered and structured life with the time they have. Your time is your greatest and most valuable resource. Use it wisely. 1st Chronicles 12:32. When you understand time, you’ll never be stranded or confused because you will have plans in place following the purpose of time- order. Invest your time productively.

#YesYouCan achieve that goal. You just need to be time wise.

Bless you.